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One Platform, Full Admission Cycle

Eduhub Admission simplifies and optimizes every step of the admission journey for universities, ensuring accuracy, seamless communication, and time-saving automation.

Stay Informed with Dynamic Dashboards

Monitor application numbers, assess lead statuses, track incomplete applications, analyze marketing data, and visualize valuable information based on any criteria you desire. 

All Things Admission

Comprehensive Solutions, Effortless Processes

Evaluation Process

Experience an efficient evaluation process that simplifies applicant assessment and optimizes workflow.

Student Cycles​

Customize evaluation cycles to align with your unique requirements, optimizing the admissions workflow.

Document Management

Simplify document handling with our module, reducing administrative burden and ensuring compliance.

Automated Reminders

Keep applicants engaged and informed with automated reminders and reduce manual follow-ups.

All You need is digital Transformation

Get in touch with us and let our team guide you in digitalizing all your admission processes!

Track Every Single Detail

Track a prospect’s entire journey, including first touch, communication history, and conversion points. Understand each prospect’s engagement and progression in their journey towards studentship.

Streamlined Automation

Transforming Manual Processes for Efficiency


Create customized offer letters with dynamic fields, saving time and ensuring accuracy.


Provide timely updates and send personalized messages at the right moment.


Sync data from various sources to create a centralized database, end manual entry.


Access valuable real-time analytics and metrics for improved admissions strategies.

Education Consultant Module

A powerful tool designed to streamline the management of student applications received through agencies. Track and manage the efforts of your valued education consultants, ensuring transparency and effective collaboration.

Advanced Features & Solutions

Explore the Extended Uses of Eduhub Admission

Duplicate Management

Maintain data integrity by effectively managing and eliminating duplicate student applications.

Scholarship Grant Processes

Streamline scholarship application processes and efficiently administer scholarship grants.


Effortlessly manage all the processes and use the features through the Salesforce mobile app.

Visa Support Automation

Easily navigate the visa support processes, providing automated support for international students.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

Take the leap and transform all your admission workflows.

Seeking For More Growth?

Check Out the Endless Possibilities to Perfect Your Workflow

Account Engagement

Elevate your recruitment strategies and engage with prospective students effectively for effective communication and interaction.

Personalized Surveys

Gather valuable insights and feedback from students through customizable surveys, empowering data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.