Use Eduhub Survey, Maximize Efficiency

With Eduhub Survey, you will be able to hear your target,  collect ‘feed-forwards’, create your personal dashboard and analyze your data to boost your performance.

Create and Personalize

Here, all your needs have been thought of.

Entirely Customizable

Design the survey display, interface, and email template all based on your preferences.

Various Components

Endless survey components to choose from picklists to multiple choice questions.

Branded URL

It is important for your survey to have your company extension with the right subdomain.

Out-of-box templates

We are here to provide you with ready made templates to select from and directly start using.

Translation Option

Your survey questions can be easily translated by the user through the display interface.

Support Services

Need any support in creating your survey? It is needless to say that we are here.

Collect and Listen

Listen to your target audience and collect their views on matters you determine.

Schedule Ahead

Easily schedule and automate your surveys for any recipient list for any time and day.

Responsive Design

Send surveys via SMS, email, link or website with a responsive design in all platforms.

Collect to Connect

Link the results of surveys with the account of any contacts, leads or even custom objects.

Analyze and Predict

Use data insights to predict customer needs and prepare your engagement plan in advance.

Analytics Dashboard

Use a standard dashboard or personalize it according to certain data to analyze it all with comprehensive visuals.

Individual Analytics

Determine the satisfaction scores of individuals to target interests and plan a focused marketing strategy.

Out-of-Box Reports

Export custom made reports with NPS or CSAT indicating data to be used as actionable insights.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

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